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Self driving trucks

Posted under News on Monday 04 September 2017

The newest advance to make the UK news concerning transport and logistics recently is the story of self-driving trucks, that are predicted to make it to major UK roads in 2018 following the governments funding of £8.1 million to this scheme.

This will operate by convoys of 3 trucks having both acceleration and braking directed wirelessly by the leading vehicle, known as platooning, which will still be controlled by a human driver, while the two following trucks will have drivers present for steering only. These vehicles will be travelling first on test-tracks to ensure the safety level is completely satisfactory, then the next step that will occur is the convoys moving onto genuine UK motorways. Which location this takes place in will be decided carefully based upon: Traffic patterns, exits and entries in the area.

The initial worry surrounding this scheme for us is the element of safety for other drivers. Self-driving lorries will be moving in a close-knit formation which means some road signs may be obscured or exits may be difficult to access. The UK has some of the busiest roads in Europe and self-driving lorries could restrict motorway departures for real drivers. The British Motoring Association president, Edmund King, claims that convoys like this are more likely to work in America where the freeways stretch for much longer than our motorways.

However, the benefits of this project are not to be ignored. The two trucks behind the lead vehicle respond instantly to fluctuations in speed and can travel quite close together as they are semi-automated, reducing congestion. Economically, businesses like ourselves would be able to lower our fuel costs and reach destinations in a shorter space of time due to less congestion. Environmentally, fuel emissions will be lowered by 4-10% as shown by trials carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory. The UK’s Transport Minister, Paul Maynard, agrees that haulage companies will save from reduced fuel consumption and the environment will benefit from reduced fuel emissions.

There are many perspectives on the ‘self-driving’ truck concept, but there is no doubt this futuristic idea will allow the UK to become the top competitor within the road freight industry as we lead the world in trialling connected vehicles in a real-world environment. What do you think?…

I’ve got an unusual one for you….

Posted under News on Thursday 07 August 2014

“I’ve got an unusual one for you…”

…is something we hear on a daily basis at Today Team HQ, but 9 times out of 10 we’ve done something very similar before for our growing client base. Coffins, popcorn, The Chuckle Brothers, tennis court clay and Robbie Williams aren’t really words usually mentioned in the same paragraph, but for us? All in a days work-

Our recent ‘out the ordinary jobs’ have been-

  • 3 (empty) coffins for a customer in Greater Manchester, not too many dead miles on these shipments (sorry we couldn’t resist)
  • 2 shipments of popcorn for imminent film premiers, we couldn’t let people head to see a much anticipated film without any popcorn could we?
  • To me, to you“- A consignment for the launch of the Chuckle Brother book to celebrate 50 years in the entertainment business.
  • 250,000 eggs that had been delivered to the wrong address on Friday night, we collected within 40 minutes and dropped them at the correct location, saving numerous peoples Saturday/Sunday fry up.
  • An urgent consignment of clay from Paris to be delivered to an Essex tennis court ASAP
  • And last but by no means least- an urgent microphone for a Robbie Williams concert, he goes on our celeb list with premier league footballers, a dragon from the den and an Eastenders star!

If you want to try us with something other than a document, package or pallet, we’re ready and waiting for your call….


Supercar jumping

Posted under News on Monday 14 July 2014

Amazing footage below, not sure if it’s something that will catch on but we’re glad he gets his timing right!

Increase in International shipments

Posted under News on Monday 14 July 2014

Recent weeks have seen a surge in International shipments with us arranging deliveries all over the globe.

We’ve delivered to most continents and shipments have ranged in size from the very small (but very important!) that have gone by air to some very large shipments that have gone by sea.

It seems people that more and more of our clients that enjoy our same day van and truck services are turning to us to look after their import and export shipments.

If we can help with any of your import or export, whether it be by road, sea or air then we are happy to help, please call our team on 01925 202 101 or email

Over £2000 raised

Posted under News on Monday 14 July 2014


Yesterday we finally took to our bikes and completed the journey from Manchester to Blackpool, it’s 60 miles in total and a day none of us will forget for a while!

Setting off from Manchester at 0730am (in the rain) we worked our way through Lancashire and finally finished in a sunny Blackpool in the afternoon (we won’t tell you the time but we didn’t break any records)

We were proud as a team to all finish as there was quite a few people that retired on route it seemed and there was certainly a sense of relief as we all crossed the finish line!

Most importantly we have raised over £2000 for The Christie Charity and the pot still is still growing it seems, if you want to make a donation please click this link

There has been a bit of a debate today in the office about our participation next year but I have a funny feeling we might be doing it again (provided our saddle soreness has settled down!)

Thanks again to those that have sponsored us.

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