Today Team are pleased to learn from one of their customers that their secure same-day service has boosted his business by a whopping 20%.

Colin Stevens, the MD of Better Bathrooms, based in Wigan, has seen the increase in trade since he started to offer a same day delivery service through Today Team.

‘I sell bathroom products online to customers all over the UK,’ Colin explained. ‘We’ve been using Today Team more and more over recent months because we’ve discovered there’s a real need for same day delivery. Recently, for example, a plumber got in touch because he’d dropped a tile on a tray, cracking it. He urgently needed a new tray and, so as not to let his customer down, he was more than prepared to pay the premium to get the replacement that day.

‘We’ve also had instances of householders who have been let down by their original supplier and have got absolutely fed up with being without a bath or toilet suite. So they’ve called on us because of our reputation for responding to urgent requests. The same-day deliveries have added another service level for us.’
Better Bathrooms use Today Team exclusively for their same-day deliveries.
Colin said: ‘Obviously, bathroom items can be bulky and fragile, so it’s good to know you can call on a reliable and careful courier service. Today Team provide an excellent service. I like the fact that when you phone up, you get a dedicated delivery consultant to talk to. There’s also some peace of mind in the fact that they insure everything they carry, although nothing’s ever has been damaged in their care. You get the impression that their drivers really take pride in what they do and we’ve received great feedback from our customers.
‘Today Team have never let us down. In fact, working with Today Team has boosted our business by at least 20%.’

Link: Better Bathrooms | Quality Bathroom Supplier