Last week we were entrusted to deliver some very important documents for professional sportsman.

A gentleman called us when he realised that the deadline for the boxing competition he was entering was in fact that day and not the following day as he first thought! If the documents were not received by the British Boxing Board within the next 6 hours, he would not be entered into the competition and months of training could go to waste.

After making a few frantic phone calls to other companies, the boxer had no luck as the deadline for delivery was so tight. He then called us here at Today Team and as we reassured him we could make the 5 o’clock deadline as urgent deliveries are an everyday thing for us.

Within half an hour one of our drivers collected the documents and drove them directly to the British Boxing Board over 200 miles away. The documents were delivered with time to spare and needless to say the gentleman was thrilled when we called him to let him know his delivery had been signed for and he could now concentrate on his important boxing match.