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Self driving trucks

Posted under News on Monday 04 September 2017

The newest advance to make the UK news concerning transport and logistics recently is the story of self-driving trucks, that are predicted to make it to major UK roads in 2018 following the governments funding of £8.1 million to this scheme.

This will operate by convoys of 3 trucks having both acceleration and braking directed wirelessly by the leading vehicle, known as platooning, which will still be controlled by a human driver, while the two following trucks will have drivers present for steering only. These vehicles will be travelling first on test-tracks to ensure the safety level is completely satisfactory, then the next step that will occur is the convoys moving onto genuine UK motorways. Which location this takes place in will be decided carefully based upon: Traffic patterns, exits and entries in the area.

The initial worry surrounding this scheme for us is the element of safety for other drivers. Self-driving lorries will be moving in a close-knit formation which means some road signs may be obscured or exits may be difficult to access. The UK has some of the busiest roads in Europe and self-driving lorries could restrict motorway departures for real drivers. The British Motoring Association president, Edmund King, claims that convoys like this are more likely to work in America where the freeways stretch for much longer than our motorways.

However, the benefits of this project are not to be ignored. The two trucks behind the lead vehicle respond instantly to fluctuations in speed and can travel quite close together as they are semi-automated, reducing congestion. Economically, businesses like ourselves would be able to lower our fuel costs and reach destinations in a shorter space of time due to less congestion. Environmentally, fuel emissions will be lowered by 4-10% as shown by trials carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory. The UK’s Transport Minister, Paul Maynard, agrees that haulage companies will save from reduced fuel consumption and the environment will benefit from reduced fuel emissions.

There are many perspectives on the ‘self-driving’ truck concept, but there is no doubt this futuristic idea will allow the UK to become the top competitor within the road freight industry as we lead the world in trialling connected vehicles in a real-world environment. What do you think?…

Have you seen our new vans?

Posted under News on Friday 19 May 2017

Earlier month we had two very excited drivers as they received their brand new redesigned luton vans, which you can see below.

Although both vans have only been on the road for less than a month, they have been all over the country expertly delivering your urgent goods.

Need it there today? Give us a call and we could have a van like the above with you within the hour!

01925 202 101

Happy 12th Birthday to us!

Posted under News on Tuesday 09 May 2017

Happy 12th Birthday to us!

We are proud to announce that we have now been trading for 12 years, we can’t quite believe it ourselves! Just where have the years gone?

Since that very first delivery back in the summer of 2005, we have always taken pride in providing the best service possible, at a cost effective price for all of our clients.  And now, looking back, we are proud to have been and continue to be trusted to look after vital transport requirements for some of the best known names in UK business.

We took a quick trip down memory lane and remembered some of the more memorable jobs…

Delivering forgotten passports to airports, this happens more often than you would think! There was one job when school teachers had arrived at Dover with a coachload of children, only to realise all the passports were still in the school safe! The stuffed cat that had to go to the set of a movie still sends shudders down our spine! The football boots to a world famous and local football club, not forgetting the mobile phone that one of the members of the Dragons Den had left behind as they set out for their day!

We would say our deliveries have covered millions of miles in the past 12 years. From the shortest job of 100yds to a 4300 miles delivery to the sunshine of Miami!

But whatever your consignment, journey or distance, you can be assured that Today Team will get your delivery there on time and at a very competitive price.  We have recently been quoted as being “precise and professional in all aspects”. They are our standards for each and every delivery we handle.

The past 12 years have definitely been a challenge but always enjoyable. Our plans for the coming years are exciting and we would like to share this next phase and continue our special working relationship with you.

And so, as a thank you to all of our clients we would like to mark the occasion and give you the opportunity to have a celebratory drink on us.  We are giving one lucky winner the chance to win the below bumper drinks hamper. To enter, all you need to do is send in your name, email address and company to and we will send you a raffle ticket with your unique number on. The winning raffle ticket will be announced on 31st May. Good luck! 🙂

Firewalk – Saturday 1st July 2017

Posted under News on Tuesday 02 May 2017

After a hugely successful firewalk in 2016, we are thrilled to be hosting our second firewalk fundraiser this July.

If you didn’t join us last year and you are feeling brave enough, join us on Saturday 1st July where will be helping to raise funds for the Warrington Disability Partnership.

If you did the firewalk with us last year and enjoyed it so much you’d like to walk across again, get in touch via the link below :-).

To get involved or if you would like to watch, email us here and let us know you are coming. If you don’t fancy walking over burning coal and still want to support the Warrington Disability Partnership you can sponsor us here:

All firewalk participants will attend a one hour training session before walking on the burning coal which will be at approximately 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit / 650 degrees Celsius.

For more information regarding firewalking visit

Saturday 1st July 2017

10am – Training & Motivation Talks

11am – Fire Walk Begins

12pm – Event close

Address – 7 Whitefield Court, Taylor Business Park, Risley, Warrington, WA3 6BH

How to teach an ‘arrogant’ driver how to park

Posted under News on Tuesday 25 April 2017

There is nothing worse than driving around a car park looking for a space to park in only to find a car taking up two spaces. Well, these two Jeep drivers decided to get their own back on this ‘arrogant’ Mercedes driver by blocking his car in, making it impossible for him to open his doors. As the Jeep drivers leave their vehicles, they hide close by to catch the Mercedes driver’s reaction as he returns to his car.

We’re pretty sure this Mercedes driver won’t be taking up two spaces again anytime soon.

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