Today Team’s commitment to customer service has taken a further step forward with the introduction of an advanced payment system which not only speeds up the booking process but also ensures the security of its customers’ financial details.

Peace of mind regarding credit card fraud is one of the benefits of introducing the Protx system, a secure payment gateway. Protx is similar to Worldpay or Paypal and is one of the largest payment service providers in the UK.

When credit card details are taken over the phone, the information goes into a database at Protx headquarters, rather than one at Today Team. Some other courier companies store customers’ sensitive financial details on an in-house database which could be compromised or – worse still – they scribble them down on scraps of paper! By using Protx, Today Team have eliminated such security risks.

Using a credit card to book a courier service with Today Team is as safe as going into a shop and typing in your PIN.

The system which collects the credit card data is also designed to alert Today Team of the use of a stolen or cloned card.

Another big benefit to customers is that they will no longer need a credit account with Today Team. This will prove particularly handy for new customers who need a same-day service urgently. Instead of having to wait while an account is set up and details checked – a delay which might make delivery the same day impossible – a new customer can pay through Protx and the procedure of safe, same day delivery can begin at once.

Link : Protx