Last week our overseas delivery skills were put to the test when a customer called us and explained that they had travelled to Finland to host an important exhibition. It was only after arriving in Helsinki and beginning to set up their stands did they realise they had forgotten to take vital boxes of brochures and promotional items with them.

The specially printed goods were to play a big part at the exhibition and leaving them behind in the UK was a major problem that needed swift action.

The lady who called us clearly sounded in distress but as soon as she explained her predicament to us we reassured her that we would be able to help her and get the materials over to Finland before the event commenced the following day.

Within minutes of the initial phone call, we arranged for the boxes to be collected for the customer and put onto a direct flight to Helsinki.

Needless to say, our customer was thrilled with the service we provided and we were delighted to hear that the exhibition went ahead as planned without any further hitches!