As a business, you need reliability and efficiency to drive you forward. If you have goods that need delivering regularly and on time, then you’ll know how essential having a reputable delivery company behind you can be.

At Today Team we have many vehicles to our fleet ranging from Small Vans through to Transits, LWB’s, Flatbeds, HIAB’s and HGV’s. We also have Tail Lift vehicles to help with the handling of goods from ground level or loading docks to the level of the vehicle’s load bed.

Whether you’re a small or large business, we can help you with your delivery needs. Small businesses often need parcels delivering to customers. You may have a small, thriving fashion company that needs to send out items to customers on a daily basis. Investing in a reliable courier company who have the means to deliver your stock on time is paramount to the success of your business. When there’s a postal strike, you can rest assured that Today Team will still be operating across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Similarly, our Heavy Goods Vehicles provide the perfect solution for bigger companies who have large or bulk items they wish to export. Whether it’s hazardous liquids or large machine parts you need delivering, from the fragile to the downright bulky- we can handle it all. No job is too big or too small.

Our dedicated Exhibition Transport also provides the perfect solution for businesses that are exhibiting at shows. Taking part in an exhibition can be an exhausting job with lots of variables to consider. From the set design and furniture, to the lighting, promotional items and literature- all of these need to be transported to their destination safely and on time. Our fleet of vehicles cater for your entire exhibition needs so you don’t need to worry about your set getting to its destination. And, if you forget those promotional mugs, our same say delivery service can get them to you on time and in one piece!

To find out how Today Team can help you with your transport needs or to discover more about our vehicles, contact our friendly team on 0843 636 7710 or email us on our contact page