It has been announced that Royal Mail staff will go on strike this Friday. Taken from the BBC news website 14/07/2009-

“More than 12,000 postal workers are to strike on Friday in a row over jobs, pay and services, the Communication Workers Union has announced.

The 24-hour strike will affect cities ranging from Edinburgh to Plymouth.

The union has accused Royal Mail of cutting the pay of employees and reducing services.”

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Last time Royal Mail staff went on strike we were inundated with calls from customers that needed to get important documents and packages delivered throughout the UK. Towards the end of the day availability was pushed to the limit and with this in mind if you have any deliveries that need completing at the end of the week please give us as much notice as possible.

Please remember we can help with any letters or parcels (or anything else for that matter) that you need to be delivered during the strike.