Today Team hit the headlines this week with national free paper The Metro. As part of an exciting business supplement with the Nat West the article looks closely at Jon and Jamie’s achievements over the past three years and ambitious plans for the future.

Metro, Tuesday 4th March, 2008.

Former Professional sportsmen Jamie Boyd and Jonathan Woodall set up the same-day courier company after deciding their competitive spirit could help them in business. Today Team Ltd was launched in Warrington, Cheshire with Jamie driving one large white van but, three years on, they distribute nationwide with the help of 600 contractors, have moved to larger offices and are recruiting sales staff.

The pair admit they worked long hours and weekends to build up the company. But the effort paid off: from an initial investment of just £6,000, they expect to turnover £500,000 this year. Nat West has given the pair a business overdraft to help with their expansion plans.

Woodall, a former professional golfer says: “We got the idea for our business from seeing other people do it, and we followed what we thought was a good opportunity. We started off delivering items for other companies until we won contracts for ourselves by building relationships as we delivered. Our start-up fund paid for the lease of the van, fuel and mobile phones and we went from there.”

Now that they are hiring, Today Team invested in the Nat West Mentor Service, which looks after legal and employment issues for a set fee. Woodall says: “The Mentor Service means all of the human resources help is outsourced, the company is supported as it grows and our staff our looked after properly.”