During September Today Team same day couriers launched a new web page that customers will see when clicking through their advertising online. Working with Warrington based Optimise Internet a new landing page was designed with the purpose of  improving the quality of calls that come into the Today Team same day courier office. Also the previous landing page idea had been copied by quite a few “competitors” and the Today Team management wanted to stand out once more in the crowded same day courier market place.

Operations Director Jamie explains “We wanted to freshen up the page and try some new ideas out that would convert more visitors in to business. We also wanted to give our page a new look after it had been copied by numerous competitors, it had been said that we should take this as a compliment but it’s theft in my eyes, I don’t think some people have an understanding of copyright laws. I’ve lost count of the amount of people we’ve had to contact about this kind of thing. I don’t understand the mentality behind it to be honest, surely you’d want your website to be a representation of your ideas and not just rip off someone else’s ideas? I guess not, and I’d have to question the integrity of any company that operates in this way. If they are cutting corners by ripping off our website where else are they cutting corners?”

The final result is a clean, professional looking page that seems to be working already. Let’s hope Today Teams “competitors” don’t copy it this time! The new page can been seen in full by clicking here