January has been a busy month for Today Team; it’s traditionally a quiet time for the same day courier industry so the best has been made of this and there has been lots going on behind the scenes to improve things in the New Year.

The finical climate has been a talking point in the office so we have been looking at more cost effective ways of marketing Today Team and also more cost effective services that we could offer our customers and through January worked on-

  • Updating our booking system to make things more efficient when quoting and booking jobs for our customers.
  • Setting up an email newsletter to stay in touch with our customers, if you would like to register please send an email to info@todayteam.co.uk We think this will be a good idea as some of our customers only need our services during certain times of the year or in an emergency so an email every once in a while will be a good way off staying touch.
  • Setting up a Today Team group on Facebook- which is a cost effective way of marketing our business to friends and family. You need to have a Facebook account and can join here
  • We are adding a customer case study section to our website- if you would like to feature please contact us on the above email address.

We aim to continue our high levels of service throughout the year and look forward to the daily challenges set by our customers!