When a customer called Today Team late on Tuesday evening with a request that involved delivering important items to a celebrity chef we were more than happy to offer a helping hand.

With a consignment of valuable and fragile kitchen utensils that needed to arrive in pristine condition to a famous restaurant in Slough, we knew that the delivery had to be perfect. Time also factored into the customers requirements as like most celebrities the chef had a hectic schedule and there was no way the delivery could arrive late and risk the rest of his day’s plans. After a brief phone call we had agreed a plan of action and the following morning the delivery went off without a hitch and the items were delivered with over an hour to spare!  Credit to the operations department and our driver but he missed his autograph opportunity as he was so quick the famous chef wasn’t at the restaurant when he arrived.  

We received an e-mail from the customer on completion of the delivery reading- “Thank you very much – brilliant service and just what we needed.” We are happy to help!