Late on a Wednesday afternoon just as the Today Team sales office was about to leave for the day they received a phone call from a distraught lady who worked for a shop fitting company in Essex who had a large pallet of flooring stranded at a remote location in Cumbria that needed to be delivered to Dundee the following morning.

If the pallet wasn’t there for 7am the following day completion of their project for the weekend would have been in jeopardy and the shops grand opening would have been put back which would not have reflected well on them.

After discussing the details with the sales office a plan of action was decided and the lady was over the moon to get a text message to confirm that the pallet was collected just over an hour later!

The following morning the pallet was delivered at 7am to a group of happy builders who up until that point had thought they were going to miss their deadline (and have to work the weekend!)