During September Today Team sameday couriers came to the rescue of a client that needed his passport urgently but had a slight problem, he was in London and his passport was over 500 miles away in Aberdeen.

After calling some other sameday courier companies and being told that the delivery could take up to 10 hours, he tried Today Team to see if there was any way to speed up his passports arrival. As time was such an issue the only way of it being done was by air and 7 hours from booking the passport collection it was delivered to a very happy client.

Jamie Boyd who takes care of sameday operations at Today Team said “Looking at the clients needs there was really only one option and that was to get the passport on a flight. We called our flight agents and established we could book it onto a domestic flight from Aberdeen to Heathrow and then arranged for one of our bike couriers to collect it from there for its final delivery. This saved a lot of time and money and the client was very impressed to have the passport in his possession by 15:45 when he had only placed the order that morning”