At Today Team, we are used to getting unusual express transport requests from our customers but this week we carried out a job that was a first, even for us.

We got a call from a client in London who was busy preparing for the launch of a brand new waxwork model that is due to be unveiled in the world famous Madame Tussauds in a couple of days’ time. As he was dressing the model and completing the finishing touches he realised that a very important part of the outfit was missing… a silver belt buckle.

As the waxwork was due to be unveiled in a couple of days, it was vital that he had the model completed and ready for its big appearance in front of the London press and its awaiting public. As the belt buckle was 115 miles away at the suppliers in Birmingham he had no time himself to go and collect it so he entrusted the help of Today Team to collect the essential piece of costume and deliver it back to him at his studio in London.

Within minutes of the phone call taking place, one of Today Team’s dedicated delivery drivers made his way to collection and took the buckle straight to the studios in London, where the waxwork model was completed and ready for its close up in front of the cameras! The gentleman was thrilled with the professional and efficient service Today Team provided and we can’t wait to see who the top secret waxwork turns out to be!